Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ms. Lizard's Halloween Nail Art Contest 2013

I decided to enter Ms. Lizard's Halloween Nail Art Contest 2013 for my first foray back into my nail art in awhile. I have missed this all so much!!! 

I was feeling a bit creatively stumped when I realized I have four very awesome sources of inspiration. My kids!!!

So I had my kids create their own original Halloween artwork which I then recreated it on my nails. 

Witch's Hat, Scary Pumpkin, Standing Pumpkin, Hanging Bat. 

                                                                                                         I used Sinful Colors Citrine as a base. All artwork was done in Cleopatra by Julep.

                                                          Accents were done in Glimmer by Sinful Colors, Valerie by Julep, Serena and Chloe by Sinful Colors and Sunset by Sinful Colors Nail Art.

I hope you enjoy!!!
You can view and enjoy the other contestants nails on Ms. Lizard's Facebook page.

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