Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Light Box

So I have been seeing a lot of posts on my many nail blogs that I follow about light boxes. So I decided to make one. It is nothing fancy, but I love it. It makes getting the right picture that much easier, rather than trying to use a lamp or get the right light outside. Certainly much better than using the flash *shutters* on my camera. I really need a different camera than this, I am using our video camera. Not the best for still shots, but it will do for now.  

I figured I would share with you what I did.

Materials: Cardboard box, packing tape, white poster board (with a shiny side), white tissue paper, and Exacto knife. I also had different colors of one color plain wrapping paper.
Step One: Get a cardboard box.... Very hard to do let me tell you.
Step Two: Cut flaps off box. I kept these for a later use in the project.
Step Three: Lay box on side.
Step Four: Cut windows in three sides.
Step Four: Tape tissue paper over windows that were cut out.
Step Six: Tape poster board shiny side up inside box on what was the bottom 
and the fourth side that had no window cut out of it.
Step Seven: Using lamps pick the type of bulb and wattage that you prefer to get the
look you are going for, pointed at tissue paper windows and click away!!!
***Extra step for those who want to.
I used the flaps that I cut off my box and covered them in plain colored
wrapping paper. I use these as interchangeable colored 
backgrounds which can really make your designs pop.

Here are a few pics of the box and a few example pics on inside the box and outside.

This was taken in regular lighting.

This was taken with a flash

This was taken inside the light box.

These are some pictures of the light box.

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