Thursday, December 6, 2012

WTF!?! What happened here???

Here's a story about a girl and her thumb nails:

So on Tuesday night after filing down the nails on my right hand. (Very sad a little over a week ago my right thumbnail started to tear back towards the quick, so I patched it using a empty teabag and some super glue.) I decided that the thumb nail had grown out enough that I could shorten all the nails on my right hand, much shorter than I like. But because it is not the hand I take pictures on, I thought "Ok no big deal." I debated on bringing my left hand nails down just a bit and decided nah no real reason to......

Well, I guess I was WRONG!!! I got up Wednesday morning to find the temperature had dropped, so I went out to grab my hat and gloves out of the van. The heater in my car is having some issues, it sounds as though a giant hamster has taken up residence and runs on a giant wheel every time I turn my heater on. On top of which I am down to only one speed on the fan, HIGH... So I felt they would be a good choice to take with me to work. So grabbing the keyless entry remote on my way out the door, out I went.  Halfway across the front yard I unlocked the doors by pushing the button twice, and that is when it happened.... 

My left thumbnail snapped!!! All the way across but maybe a millimeter to hold it on, about 1/8in back into the quick or nailbed. At least there was no blood and a few layers are still there to protect the nailbed. There was much cursing and I think the whole neighborhood might have heard me. I think that it was the universe's way of telling me I should listen to my own advise, much like Alice in Wonderland, and just brought them down a little bit.... 

So I thought I might show a before and after shot...

This is what they looked like before the remote.

And this is the after of what my thumb looks like now.
And yes that is my real nail... :(


  1. Yeowchymomma! So glad it didn't rip all the way down to the nail bed, that would have been PAINFUL!
    My sister and dad both bite their nails that short on a regular basis :(

    1. My son is terrible for biting his nails, I caught him biting his toenails the other day! Yuck!