Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Nail Art Challenge Day 1 - Galaxy Nails

This is my day 1 Galaxy Nails mani for Erica's Nails and More's February 9 Day Nail Art Challenge.

A big part of her challenge is to support her current No Buy by using either untried polishes or ones that haven't been used in awhile. So in support of that all the polishes I used fell into one of those two categories.

I wanted to do something different with this galaxy mani than I have done on my previous ones. Instead of using a dark blue or black base color I used I Love You by Sinful Colors. Which is a beautiful dark purple glitter. This is an untried for me, I have had it for ages and never used it on myself.

I then used a makeup sponge piece to apply Endless Blue to start creating my nebulae. This is another untried color which I love. However you can't really see it in the final results of the mani.

I followed this up with Unicorn by Sinful Colors another I believe untried, if not it hasn't been used in forever. I then did a few spots on the nebulae with Tantalize by Sinful Colors, a recent gift that had yet to be tried.

I then used a nail art brush to dot and draw a few bigger stars on with Tantalize. My last step was to do a very thin coat of Glitter TopCoat by Claire's. This was a Christmas present, (which had not been used yet) from a friend I have had my whole life, how well she knows me!!!

She is very big into science and I wanted to make sure I was using the correct term for what I was attempting to create on my nails. I have provided a link attached to the word nebulae in case you would like to know more about what it means.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different looking take on galaxy nails!!!
Please take the time to check out the awesome creations from the other lovely ladies participating in this months challenge.

Polishes used:
Base color: I Love You by Sinful Colors
Nebulae: Endless Blue, Unicorn and Tantalize by Sinful Colors
Painted/Dotted stars: Tantalize by Sinful Colors
Glitter stars: Glitter TopCoat by Claire's


  1. Wow! The colours and detail in these are awesome. Love them!

    1. Thank you! :) I was going for something different. I think the over all look of these is very similar to most of the other participants, but I think the colors I chose are what makes the difference.

  2. I think they look great!! I love seeing different takes on galaxy nails! :)

  3. I nominated you for a Liebster award!! - see here:

    (OK, I just noticed you've probably already gotten this before... maybe you can link to the same post in the comments on my blog or something... or feel free to do a new one!)