Sunday, February 3, 2013

Product review - up & up nail polish remover dip-it

As promised here is my product review.
I purchased this myself all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way can be taken as any kind of official statement from the company that makes this product.

up & up nail polish remover dip-it.
This can be purchased at Target for around $3.

I decided to try this after a comment I read on someone else's blog, unfortunately I don't remember which one.

As far as nail polish remover pots style goes. I love the design on this it works great. Way better than the ones with a sponge in them. It has little rubber scrubby fringes? Not sure what to call them, but I love them!!!

The look of the inside....... Well I will let you decide for yourself before I tell you what my first reaction was.

I must have a dirty mind or something, because the first thought I had upon opening this is that it looked like some bizarre form of male self pleasure device.... Sorry....

So I used this to take off approximately 7 layers of polish, and it worked great!!!  Until I pulled my fingers out and the looked like this!!!

Not normal I can assure you, my hands do not look like the have spent a week in the desert... This just looks gross.

 So after 10 minutes and two applications of Julep's Hand and Cuticle stick....

This was the result, still not quite normal around my cuticles, but much better...

So since I loved the pot I decided to dump out the acetone and refill it with my normal brand from Sally Beauty Supply. I love this because it has wheat protein and vitamin E already in it and barely my hands  nails or cuticles, plus it smells way better too!!! Then I tried it again later. I was able to do 5 nails in 5 minutes that had 3 coats of glitter on them.

Conclusion on this product:
Well worth the money spent for the pot itself, but I would dump the contents and fill it with the remover of your choice!!!

I hope you enjoyed this review and hope to do many more in the future!


  1. I'm glad you wrote a post about the Target polish remover. I just assumed I'd love it I guess, so I bought a huge bottle :( I HATE THAT STUFF! Did the same thing to me.

    1. Like I said the pot is worth it to put some better polish remover in, but the polish remover itself not so much!

  2. That is so sad that it created that much damage. I am glad you were able to get them back to a semblance of normal after that! I would guess you would eventually have to dump out the current polish and add new? I've not seen one like this before. Great post! Sandra B.

  3. same thing happened to my fingers the first time I used it, dried fkaky cuticles and white fingers. I do like how quickly the remover works though, and I assumed the damage was caused by leaving so much acetone to just dry on my hands. Now I keep the jar under my bathroom sink and just use it there, rinsing each finger off with water immediately. Made all the difference in the world for me. Haven't tried using it for glitter polishes, I was kinda thinking glitter would gunk it up quicker, or leave me with glittery hands the next time I used it. What was your experience?